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SPA-LEED Workshop 2024

SPA-LEED Workshop, 9-11 October 2024
International Workshop on LEED and related techniques, TU Chemnitz, Germany

We want to bring your attention towards the upcoming SPA-LEED workshop dealing with recent and advances in low energy electron diffraction and related techniques.
The SPALEED workshop has a long tradition and has been held regularly since 1996. We expect around 60 national and international scientists working in the field of surface and solid state analytics. The broadband research activities in this filed will be demonstrated by invited and contributed lectures as well as poster presentations.

The following invited speakers have already confirmed their participation:

Till Domröse, MPI Göttingen
Till Domröse
"Nanobeam Ultrafast Electron Diffraction of Structural Phase Transformations"
Philip Schädlich, TU Chemnitz
Philip Schädlich
"Low-energy Electron Microscopy: Stacking Relations and Graphene-Substrate Interactions"
Moritz Sokolowski, U Bonn
Moritz Sokolowski
"Layers of large organic Molecules - From SPA-LEED to IV-LEED and revers"
Michael Tringides, Ames Lab, USA
Micheal Tringides
"A long standing paradox: broad diffraction spots measure high quality 2D materials"
Andreas Undisz, TU Chemnitz
Andreas Undisz
"Spatially resolved phase detection in the near-surface area using TEM"

The Workshop is supported by:

TU Chemnitz